Post Production

My post production work includes dubbing mixing and dubbing editing on high end UK TV, including mixing and delivering for BBC/ITV/Channel4/Channel 5 and Sky (in 5.1 surround), and also including dialogue editing, music editing, in-depth atmos/FX tracklaying and sound design. I have produced 360 VR sound for projects and have mixed short films in 5.1 surround. My post production work is informed by my history in production sound for film and TV drama, as well as my skills as a composer.


‘Countryfile’ Dubbing Mixer


‘Morph’ Dubbing Mixer

Eat Well For Less

‘Eat Well For Less’ Dubbing Mixer

Extreme Wales

‘Extreme Wales’ Dubbing Mixer

Gardeners World

‘Gardeners World’ Dubbing Mixer

Koko: The Gorilla That Talks To Humans

‘Koko: The Gorilla That Talks To Humans’ Dubbing Editor

Italy’s Invisible Cities

‘Italy’s Invisible Cities’ Dubbing Editor (Internationals Mixer)

The Boy On The Bicycle

‘The Boy On The Bicycle’ Dubbing Editor


‘Streetmate’ Dubbing Editor

The Vikings Uncovered

‘The Vikings Uncovered’ Dubbing Editor

Simply Nigella

‘Simply Nigella’ Dubbing Editor

Nature's Weirdest Events

‘Nature's Weirdest Events’ Dubbing Editor

A Cook Abroad

‘A Cook Abroad’ Dubbing Editor

Hugh and the Ivory War

‘Hugh and the Ivory War’ Dubbing Editor

The Hotel

‘The Hotel’ Dubbing Editor

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

‘Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents’ Dubbing Editor

One Born Every Minute

‘One Born Every Minute’ Dubbing Editor

Ice Stars

‘Ice Stars’ Dubbing Editor

The One Show Inserts

‘The One Show Inserts’ Dubbing Mixer

Garden Rescue

‘Garden Rescue’ Dubbing Editor

DIYSOS: The Big Build

‘DIYSOS: The Big Build’ Dubbing Editor

Burma's Secret Jungle War

‘Burma's Secret Jungle War’ Dubbing Editor

The Secret Life Of The Books We Love

‘The Secret Life Of The Books We Love’ Dubbing Editor

Britain’s Armed History

‘Britain’s Armed History’ Dubbing Editor

Love Your Garden

‘Love Your Garden’ Dubbing Mixer

Getting The Builders In

‘Getting The Builders In’ Dubbing Mixer

Tipping Point

‘Tipping Point’ Dubbing Mixer

Animal Park

‘Animal Park’ Dubbing Editor

11-11: Memories Retold

‘11-11: Memories Retold’ Trailers Dubbing Mixer

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