New Stuff!

This is a playlist featuring some of my most recent bits of work, reflecting me as a composer as of this moment.


Using a combination of electronic instruments and acoustic sounds from all over the world, this kitchen sink track is a personal favourite of mine. Complex textures and rhythms, dark synths and drones with morphing percussive themes

Nature Without Borders

A natural history suite co-composed with Jonny Gunton and featuring the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra taking us from satellite orbit down to ground level telling wildlife stories on Planet Earth.

The Drawing Board

A hummable slightly quirky melody. Used without the main theme as underscore or featured in full

Gym Stars

A selection of original music from the CBBC series

Circus Kids: Our Secret World

A selection of original music from Series 1 of the DrummerTV documentary for Channel 5

Art Of Aardman Exhibition Music

A 2015 orchestral piece commission by Aardman Animations for an exhibition at Art Ludique in Paris to score a showreel of their work. The exhibition has since visited the UK, Germany and Australia with plans for more.

Heavy Grit

Modern strings and percussion building tension. A key moment of decision in a documentary or drama


A British landscape softly raining. Orchestral textures with piano and acoustic guitar building towards a bittersweet theme


This broadly African sounding track is sure and serious. A steady jungle trek


Light positive piano with pulsing synths and a strong beat. This piece has been used in many environments but is my example here of advertising and corporate work, something to help sell a message to consumers. Ends with a piano motif perfect for an ending logo or tagline

According To Plan

A TV track that treads the lines between quirky and straight-faced. An offbeat documentary or a light detective series

We Were

From a series of lonely piano duets, this is one of my older pieces but one I keep coming back to. Lightly underpinned by strings and electronic elements, the pianos dance and intertwine with themes that speak of yearning and sadness


Slick drama, building tension. A hint of a piano theme followed by some dark and brooding underscore. Determined but dangerous

Pretty Fly

Energetic, uplifting and cool. This track works its funky magic wherever people are having fun. A collaboration with bass guitarist Omar Khan


Science bed, with pulsing delayed synths. Perfect under a voiceover full of statistics

The Empty Quarter

A sparse Arabian/Middle-Eastern landscape. A desert environment or drought and desolation, this piece was used effectively by Amnesty International during the Syrian Refugee crisis

Space Cowboys

Hugely energetic and stylised, this favourite of mine fuses mariachi with rock to create an old school TV theme tune

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